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5news Online

"It has everything to do with perimeter security and enhancing video capabilities and things like that for the district to pinpoint and identify possible threats and to be able to secure our buildings," said Superintendent David Hopkins.

Indiana Sherrif's Association

Having recently unveiled their Safe School Flagship and “Best Practice Solution” at Southwestern High School in Shelby County, the NRA met with representatives from the Indiana Sheriff’s Association, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and Southwestern Consolidated School District to discuss how communities can come together to protect our nation’s schools.

The Washington Times

In an interview at the White House, hosted by Parents magazine and posted on Facebook, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said that when he wrote the “Biden crime bill” in 1994 as a senator from Delaware, it included the provision for putting police officers in schools. “We found that those school resource officers were of value in many schools,” he told the audience. “We haven’t been funding them of late. We think they should be funded.”


"Just because it's called NRA School Shield, they want to ignore what School Shield is doing."


"I took it upon myself to look into what could be done to improve school safety and security. The NRA's School Shield Program made the most sense."


"We are so grateful to the NRA because there were deficiencies that were found. We put in for a grant for a beacon system; we were awarded the grant."


In this Town Hall, National School Shield Founding Director Asa Hutchinson discusses security challenges facing schools and opportunities to improve safety and security, including armed personnel as well as technology and infrastructure.


National School Shield Founding Director, Asa Hutchinson, presents and reviews the official report of the National School Shield Task Force, a 225-page document outlining a clear need to address school violence and recommendations on best practices in school security.


Wayne LaPierre announces the National School Shield Emergency Response Program.


Having recently been named the Director of the National School Shield initiative, Asa Hutchinson discusses the importance of focusing on what we can do to better secure and protect our children at school.

National School Shield

Announced in December 2012, the NRA School Shield program is focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America.


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