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Our kids are our responsibility. It’s not just our duty to protect them, it’s our right to protect them.


Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to school security, the NRA School Shield program seeks to facilitate a continuum of assessment and improvement for all schools to integrate as needs demand. Our mission is to protect our children. Based on the findings and recommendations of the NRA School Shield Task Force, we have established four main goal areas to support our mission:


Make available best practices in school security to help guide schools in the development and management of security plans.


Provide expert guidance on ideal training curriculums for school security and offer training in subject matters as appropriate.


Advocate for school security, encouraging all communities to strive for fundamental measures of protection.

Grant Funding

Fund projects and training opportunities for school districts in need through The NRA Foundation, Inc.

Bringing Objective Data to a Subjective, Emotional Subject.

Purdue University Professor, Dr. Eric Dietz, explains how the science of computer modeling can help reduce casualties in an active shooter event.

Dr. Eric Dietz, Professor, Purdue University

The NRA School Shield program was introduced in December 2012 as a new initiative focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America. A National School Shield Task Force, led by former Congressman Asa Hutchinson, recruited a team of security experts and, in April 2013, issued an official report documenting a clear need to address school violence and recommendations on best practices in school security.

Per the published findings of the National School Shield Task Force, there has been insufficient attention paid to school security needs in our nation. While there are numerous government agencies and programs that provide valuable school safety resources, there is a lack of coordination between the agencies resulting in gaps, duplication and inefficiencies. Furthermore, for schools wanting to comprehensively address school security matters, persistent funding challenges often prevent districts from implementing necessary changes and can even lead to the elimination of once successful school security programs.

Download the Summary Report of the National School Shield Task Force today to learn more about the findings and recommendations that helped shape the NRA School Shield program.

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National School Shield

Announced in December 2012, the NRA School Shield program is focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America.


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