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NRA School Shield Program FAQs

What is the NRA School Shield program?

The NRA School Shield program has a singular mission: to protect our children. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to school security, the NRA School Shield program is committed to addressing the many facets of school security including best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training, and policy. Through this multidimensional effort, the NRA School Shield seeks to engage communities and empower leaders to help make our schools more secure.

Is the NRA School Shield program solely focused on putting armed guards in schools?

No. The NRA School Shield program recognizes that a comprehensive school security plan includes various elements of protection including infrastructure, technology, personnel, training and policy. As such, the NRA School Shield program will feature tools and resources designed to help educate, guide and inform the public on best practices in all applicable areas of school security including the use of armed professionals as well as the important roles infrastructure, technology, training and policy also serve.

Is the NRA School Shield program solely focused on ‘active shooter’ events?

No. In order to develop a truly comprehensive school security plan, it is important and necessary to recognize that school violence can come in many forms. A potential threat is an expression of intent to purposely harm or act out violently against a person or group of people. It can be communicated verbally, in writing, or symbolically. Despite the low probability of violent incidences occurring at schools, they can happen at any time and at any place and can vary from one situation to the next. In order to be prepared for such incidences, schools must think proactively and train on how to respond to various scenarios. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to ensuring school security; all potential threats must be taken seriously.

Does the NRA School Shield support armed school personnel to protect students?

The NRA believes every option should be considered when it comes to protecting our children. When a threat occurs, a quick and timely response by law enforcement professionals is what everyone hopes for. However, in these situations - when time is clearly of the essence – we strongly believe that trained school personnel can also serve a vital role. As the first to face the threat, they can lead and implement protocols designed to save lives.

Is the NRA School Shield program only applicable to public schools?

No. The NRA School Shield will provide public access to comprehensive security resources for all who are interested. While many resources will be uniquely tailored for K-12 educational institutions in America, including public, private and parochial school systems, the overall goal of this program is to address, promote and enhance school security measures for entire communities. As such, NRA School Shield resources and activities will encourage the involvement of schools, first responders and the community at large.

How do I convince my school to adopt NRA School Shield?

The NRA School Shield program is not something a school implements. It would be more accurate to discuss the program as a suite of available tools and resources schools and affiliated stakeholders can utilize at their own discretion in a shared interest to make our schools more secure.

How can I support NRA School Shield?

For those who share our commitment to protecting our children, there are many ways to support our program.

Be an advocate - check to see if your local schools are even aware of this program. If not, share our website information and encourage them to explore available resources.

Be an advisor – if your school has made recent security improvements, let us know – we strive to highlight current best practices so all schools can improve together.

Be a benefactor – one of the biggest challenges schools face when it comes to making security improvements is a lack of funding. Make a contribution today to help make our schools more secure through our grant program.    

Can I get an endorsement from NRA School Shield for my school security invention and/or training?

No. In order to remain a neutral resource and focus solely on best practice concepts, NRA School Shield does not endorse, promote or otherwise support any products or services related to school security.

Assessor Training FAQs

Who can participate in the Training Assessor Program?

Due to the nature of this training, only designated law enforcement officials are eligible to participate. Eligible applicants include those with 3+ years of service in one of the following roles:

  1.     Current Sworn Public Law Enforcement Officer employed by a state, county, municipal, or other government law enforcement agency.
  2.     Current School Law Enforcement/Security Officer employed by a school/school district or a state/county/municipal licensing board/agency.

Are there any prerequisites to attending the training?

This training is comprised of didactic and hands-on sessions that require the use of computers with access to Microsoft PowerPoint as well as devices capable of taking photos. Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal laptops/tablets and/or cameras to utilize during these exercises. Experience with Microsoft PowerPoint strongly encouraged. 

What does the training cost?

There is no cost to attend this training however travel expenses including meals, transportation and lodging are not included. We will break daily for lunch. Please plan accordingly.

Will I receive any education credit?

This training is officially recognized as continuing law enforcement education credit in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Dakota and Idaho for 32.5 hours of specialized training.

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National School Shield

Announced in December 2012, the NRA School Shield program is focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America.


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